Customer Testimonials

I really enjoy knitting with Ziraldo Alpaca yarn. It is so soft and all the natural colours are wonderful. Debbie has a knack for mixing fibre from two or more animals to create some really unique colours. It is so nice to be able to meet the animal that produced the yarn. I bought some roving for a gift it came packaged with the animal’s picture - what a nice added touch! I love to hear Debbie talk about her alpacas. She is always proud to show them off. My whole family enjoys visiting the farm always feels welcome. Best of all, I like the fact that I am supporting a local small business.
— Jackie Malleck - Thorndale, ON
I knew your wool dryer balls were going to work well, but I am blown away with how well! Drying time was cut way down, clothes are so soft, and the best part of all, and the most pleasant surprise, was the lack of static! With the ‘other’ dryer balls I used before, my laundry was still so full of static it was painful folding laundry. Thank you! My only regret is that I didn’t buy them sooner.
— Billie-Jo Titus Cooke - London, ON
The first time I wore my new Alpaca Insoles in my work-shoes, I was truly surprised how warm they kept my feet. I also own a couple of pairs of alpaca/blend socks. They are the most durable, warmest and softest socks I’ve ever worn. What a pleasure it was to actually “meet” some of the Ziraldo Alpacas at their farm, knowing that one or more of these amazing animals is the reason I have “happy-feet”! For a real treat, one should try the pure alpaca yarn in a pair of snuggly “bed-socks”. Debbie Ziraldo and her family work hard to bring you a truly exceptional product, the best money I’ve ever spent!
— From a happy customer, Shirley Hutchins

Designer Testimonial

A few months ago I had the pleasure of designing two reversible scarf patterns for Ziraldo Alpaca. It was very apparent to me that the love that Debbie has for her alpacas is reflected in her yarn. I was so impressed with the quality of this yarn and wish to share this with all fiber lovers. I have a strong preference for working with natural fiber yarns of high quality and I found the Ziraldo Alpaca yarn to rank high on my preferred yarn list. Knitting with this yarn was a treat and I was very happy with my completed test samples. From personal experience, I can highly recommend this super soft and cuddly yarn.
— Linda Sellick - Oneday Designs