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Ziraldo Alpaca Insoles

It's like walking on a cloud! One of our most popular products!

Pop some insoles into your shoes or boots for warmth and comfort. They draw moisture away from your feet, keeping them warm & dry. 

Our felted insoles are 50% alpaca and 50% wool.

Ziraldo Alpaca Yarn
from 30.00

Our alpacas are shorn each spring, providing us with loads of soft, warm, luxurious fibre. Our fibre is spun at Canadian mills into gorgeous yarns that can be used for knitting, crochet or weaving. We have soft yarns suitable for hats and scarves, yarn for mitts, fine lace, fingering weight yarn and lopi. Most of our yarns are left in their wonderful natural colours. Some of our yarn is 100% alpaca and some is blended with high quality, super-wash merino wool.

Ziraldo Alpacas Casual Socks

Pamper your feet everyday with these comfortable, medium weight, crew length alpaca socks. The 70% alpaca content provides warmth, softness and moisture wicking. The 30% nylon has been added for increased durability. Our casual socks are versatile, being suitable for around the house, outdoor sports and activities, camping, curling up with a good book or as cozy bed socks.

Diabetic Socks

These socks have been designed with more give and a wider cuff and may be suitable for people with circulation problems and diabetes. Good quality socks are important for sensitive feet and legs. These socks of 75% alpaca will provide warmth and absorb moisture which can reduce fungal infections and encourage good circulation. The 25% nylon content adds durability and memory.

Ziraldo Alpaca Roving

Our rovings are sold loose or in bumps. The fibre has been cleaned and carded at a Canadian mill, all ready for your spinning, felting or thrumming pleasure. No dyes or harsh chemicals have been used in the processing.  This is a natural product and you will find small bits of vegetation (the alpaca's food and bedding) throughout the roving. These can be flicked out during spinning or felting. We have cria roving (a baby alpaca's first shearing) in white and dark fawn. We have gorgeous white roving from Miss Muffet and Evangeline which is suitable for fine spinning. We also have roving suitable for felting and thrumming.  Sold in 50 gm. bags. Please contact for available colours.

Felted Wool Dryer Balls
from 30.00

This set of 3  Eco Friendly dryer balls is handmade from 100% Canadian Wool
Wool Dryer Balls:
- reduce drying time by absorbing water from your clothing
- naturally soften clothes, decrease wrinkles & lessen static
- replace fabric softener & dryer sheets
- will be good for an average of 100 loads
 Use all three balls at once for balance & best drying results

Felted Soap
from 12.00

These gorgeous soaps are hand felted with alpaca fibre by Debbie.
The fibre is wet felted over the bar of soap to create a soft, permanent coat. The soap will gradually shrink as you use it, leaving a tiny bag of felt.
You may use the soap at the sink, in the bath or shower. It is like an all-in-one loofah and soap. Our soap is hand made from natural ingredients. They have wonderful natural fragrances including, lavender, lemon balm, spice, mint, bay leaf & sage. Unscented soap is also available.These soaps make a lovely gift or just treat yourself!

Bird Nesting Material Holders
from 5.00

The birds love to line their nests with alpaca fibre. Birds that might use alpaca fibre in their nests include orioles, chickadees and finches. Hang your bird nesting material holder out from late March until mid July Offering materials that birds use to build nests is just one more way for you to attract more bird activity in your backyard.